Power AC,fridge,iron with small gen safely

Power AC,fridge,iron with small gen safely

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Imagine a world where you can power your air conditioner, fridge,microwave, pumping and washing machine, iron, hotplate,kettle etc without fear of paying too much electricity bill, a world where you cut down your electricity tariff and fuel consumption by 50% with a device called Power beta.

Knowledge is power and whoever has Power Beta has a knowledge of how to reduce fuel consumption, prepaid meter card consumption and inverter battery consumption by 35% and 50%.

Power beta is designed to reduce energy consumption of your home appliances ( Compressors,element and motor powered) by 35% and 50%. 50% for element appliances and 35% for appliances that uses compressor or motor.

Power Beta enable you power all appliances that has compressor, element or motor from 1000 watts to 3000watts or 1horse power to 2.5 horse power appliances (Air conditioner, pumping machine,washing machine,refridgerator, deep freezer,hair dryer, pressing iron, electric kettle, hotplate ,pop corn machine, shawarma machine, microwave, electric sewing machine etc) with any Generator,inverter or prepaid meter(even i pass my neighbour 950va gen) safely.

How to use: After starting your generator or inverter, plug the power Beta to your wall socket then plug your appliances(Air conditioner, pumping machine,refridgerator, deep freezer,hair dryer, pressing iron, electric kettle, hotplate etc) to the power beta. It is user friendly.

Do not plug an extension to the power beta .It has 1year warranty,although you will use it for over 5years. Power Beta reduces the burden on your power source (gen,inverter or Prepaid meter) it also helps your gen or inverter to power your heavy appliances by reducing the energy consumption of your appliances without altering the performance.

With POWER BETA you don’t have a problem with the increasing electricity tariff, while the power tariff is going up, POWER BETA is helping you cut it down. If you are paying 1000 Naira for prepaid card monthly and PHCN decide to increase it to 2000 Naira , others will pay 2000 Naira but with POWER BETA, you will still pay 1000 Naira monthly because you are using the same appliances but a reduced power consumption by your appliances with the help of POWER BETA.

We have two types of Power Beta.

1:PB Solo: you can power your element appliances e.g pressing iron,electric kettle,hotplate,toasting machine,electric cooker,cway machine, hair dryer etc with 950va generator (I pass my neighbour gen) ,1kva inverter or any gen safely.

2:PB Mega: You can power your 1horse power, 1.5 horse power air conditioner, refridgerator, deep Freezer, pumping and washing machine etc and all other compressor or motor powered equipments with your 2.5kva gen or inverter.

Power Beta won an award at Nescafe get started 2014 as the best innovative product in west and central Africa. Search for winner of nescafe get started 2014 on google. Gone are the days when you wait for Nepa or PHCN before you use your Home appliances. Be independent. Call for more information: zero eight zero two two two one eight four eight three.

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