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Administrative Officers
The administrative officers must stay in touch with distributors and shipping representatives.
If the media call with questions about the new company, Administrative officers must handle these calls in a professional and organized manner.
The Administrative officers must also order basic supplies for the business.
Applicants must have excellent communication and influencing skills.
Applicants must have good interpersonal and organizational skills.
Applicants must be quick learners with good composure in handling job responsibilities.
Applicants must possess OND, HND or in relevant courses.

Financing Representatives or Bookkeepers
These persons help the company get the financing it needs.
A financing representative helps the company manage the initial start-up funds responsibly and also keep track of inflows of revenue and outflows of cash to cover expenses.
She/he helps the company set a budget and establish realistic sales goals.
At the end of each period he/she must generate financial reports to keep the start-up owner abreast of how the company is doing.
HND/ in any relevant discipline
Strong attention to details and analytical skills
Strong organizational and prioritization skills.
Masters or professional certification in ACCA, ICAN will be an added advantage.

Head of Marketing
The head of marketing must create a marketing plan and implement the necessary steps of that plan.
A marketing person is in charge of helping to develop the offering, identify the target market, test the product on the market, come up with a marketing message and submit advertising on behalf of the company.
In addition to a marketing professional, coordinates the activities of sales personnel to launch properly.
Must be OND/BSc in any social science discipline
Must have experience in marketing with marketing skills

Sales personnels
He or she has to assist the management in the development and evaluation of rolling sales forecast and sales budget.
He or she has the prime duty to work for increasing the productivity so will have to collect, analyze, report the data to increase general sales productivity.
He or she has to analyze the business operations to determine profitability as well as to create a baseline for operational changes and action.
He or she has to evaluate the sales trends and records and evaluating performance calculated against sales quotas.
They have to analyze the feedback also and oversee the outcomes and set up accounts containing respective ideas, conclusions and all-purpose guidance.
They have to work according to the economic condition so will have to evaluate current economic situations and preparing sales forecasts.
They have to analyze the performance records and interpreting outcomes of overall sales.
Must be OND/HND/BSC holder from any reputable university.
Maintain and solve all internal and external problems.
Good customer services both within and outside customers on supply of equipment.
Effective solution management and attitudinal skills.
Good attitude arrangement on system and high self esteem.
Ability to multitask and team work.

Collecting, processing data with computers.
Analyzing the data outputs
Editing, keeping and reading the minutes in the meeting.

Applicants must have the ability carry out secretariat duties.
Applicants must have excellent telephone and communication skills
He / she must be good in computer applications / packages
He / she must also be fast in typing documents.

Computer Engineers
Carry on repairs on systems that are not performing well for customers and for the company.
Engage in the business of assembling and installation of equipment for both customers and the company.
Work with the administrative officers in the business of procurement of goods.

Minimum of OND, HND or B.eng
Maintain and solve all internal and external problems.
Good customer services both within and outside customers on supply of equipment.
Effective solution management skills.
Good attitude arrangement on system and high self esteem.
Ability to multitask and team work.

Customer service representatives
The customer service representatives must answer the questions or complaint of the customers regarding the products.
They must solve and provide solutions to the customers’ problems.
They must make sure the customers are satisfied at all time.
OND/HND/B.Sc in social science, humanities
Proficient in ICT
Applicants must excellent communication and attitudinal skills.

IT Trainers
IT trainers are also responsible for the application of learning technologies to transfer skills, in both IT and non-IT subjects
Carrying out training needs analyses;
Defining the skill sets needed to perform different roles;
Carrying out performance assessments to determine the skills gaps between current and desirable learner skill levels;
Designing training programmes appropriate to the skills needed;
Developing an appropriate mix of formal and informal development activities;
Ensuring the learning environment and resources support learner needs;
Designing course materials and other documents such as handouts, manuals and exercises;
Preparing the learning environment and resources, including setting up IT equipment where appropriate.
Delivering training programmes in formal (e.g. a classroom), informal (e.g. floor-walking) or online (e.g. e-learning and webinar) settings;
Supporting and coaching learners using learning technologies to deliver skills;
Evaluating the effectiveness of training programmes and learning outcomes;
Liaising with partners (e.g. external course providers, employers, examining bodies) to fulfil the skills needs of an organization.
Developing peer networks to keep abreast of current thinking;
Maintaining appropriate records of learner development and resource allocation.

Minimum of OND/BSC in computer related courses
IT certification will be an added advantage.
Must have excellent communication skills
Effective solution management skills.

Warehouse officers
The warehouse officers must keep stock of the items in the warehouse.
Must be answerable to the administrative officers
Must notify the administrative officers when a particular or some items are out of stock.

OND/HND/BSc in any social science discipline
Must be proficient in the use of quickbook enterprise accounting software.
Must be proficient in the use of MS-word and excel packages.
Send CV to
Note that applicants must be a resident in Lagos, Ibadan or Abeokuta

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