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Mr Donald is a major supplier of the Original Stone Coated Step tile roofing sheet I have wide experience on this product that people call me from far and wide just to get professional advice in respect to the stone coated step tile roofing sheet... Mr Product don't fade and i supply only the best and nothing but the best.. I can show you simple ways of discovering an original roofing sheet... My products are fully original and affordable..... I supply mainly Korea Stone coated roofing sheet and New Zealand Stone coated roofing sheet I also Supply the Shingle roofing sheet too... As for the Korea bond stone coated roofing sheet (0.45mm), I supply for a flat rate of =N=2200 per square meter.. And the New Zealand bond stone coated roofing sheet (0.4mm), I supply at a rate of =N=2300 per square meter For the shingle roofing sheet, I supply at the rate of =N=2700 per square meter..Has a thickness of (0.55mm).. Now we install at a flat nonnegotiable rate of =N=200 per square meter... Accessories.. Ridge cap 1400 per 1.4meter Facial board 1400 per 1.4mater Bash board 1400 per 1.4meter Gutter 1400 per 1.4meter Treated Nail 1200 per kg Sealant 5000 per box Installation =N=200 per square meter.. Note (we can also deliver to your site not withstanding the location or distance of the site.. We supply to various states, Such as kano, Ondo, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Warri, Bauchi, kalabar, etc).. We have an efficient transport system BUT YOU WOULD TAKE CARE OF THE TRANSPORTATION COST Am a very real and straight forward person and you wont regret doing business with me. For more information, contact Mr Donald on any of the following link below bb pin (22ef7e78) whatapp application (07062764235) Skype id (donaldfynboi) Email ( Facebook id (donald daniel uche) For more information, call Mr. Donald (07062764235 or 08144262260) Yahoo messenger ( Roof link ( blogsite =
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